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Jackie Travis – Using Large Banners

Posted June 2021 by Tinah Marie, USA

In this video Jackie Travis of New Jersey, USA shares about her experience in starting to use large banners as part of her ministry.

Hesitant at first, she learned and was encouraged by others and her confidence grew.

Jackie is excited about the extra beauty, fullness, expression and visibility large banners provide.

Jackie with Tinah Marie

Tinah: What caused you to transition to the congregational banners?

Jackie: It was the beauty, fullness, expression and visibility they provide. The congregation can better see and understand the purpose of the banner, since most banners have symbols that represent God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Large banners are bigger for the congregation to set their eyes to look to God as you minister with the banners.

Tinah: What has the transition from the smaller size to the larger banners been like?

Jackie: It took some adjusting to learning the tools and getting instruction on how to use them as instruments as a demonstration of God.

Tinah: Have you had the opportunity to use the larger banners and what has that experience been like?

Jackie: It’s a different experience because of the vastness of the larger banners. I tried to use that vastness to represent the movements God speaks to me as I minister – listening where to go, how to move.

I really valued the teaching I had on how to better use the poles so that people aren’t afraid or that the flag doesn’t fly off. It makes a difference in your expression and your body as God puts different expressions or emotions on you when using the larger banner.

Then you know people may look at your expressions, but they’re mostly focused on the flag. God puts a different spiritual expression or emotion on them too.

Tinah: How would you encourage someone who’s considering using larger banners?

Jackie: Pick it up, feel it in your hands, find people who you’ve seen demonstrate the banner. Gather information and teachings and learn from them.

At first, I was hesitant because of my size, height and arm length. I initially thought it would be a deterrent because the poles are taller than I am, but I learned and have been encouraged by others, so my confidence grew.

Tinah: Welcome to the global banner community!


Posted June 2021 by Tinah Marie, USA

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