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 - endorsed banner coach

Kristen Joyce

Stationed: Canada

Available to train: in Canada and other nations

Or via translator

I train in:

Phone: +1 905 432 3409

Mobile: +1 905 621 4644

Email: KristenJ@worshipbanners.org

A little about me…

I am mother of two teenage daughters. I work for a ministry that provides counseling, food and clothing to those in need. Right now I am also a student finishing my degree in Social Work. I have a strong desire for souls to receive Jesus.

I believe God is using the arts/dance/banners as a vehicle to win souls. I know that I have a calling to the nations and have had the opportunity to travel over the past few years to Central America, South America to do mission work, share the gospel, dance I intercede prophetically as well as teach and equip people in the area of dance and banners.

I also have a heart for Israel love the land and the people, both Jew and Arab. I have traveled there every year for the past few years and have a promise from the Lord that I will continue to go back every year. I have had the opportunity to join with different teams and dance, decree, raise the banners and intercede throughout the land at covenant sites and the strategic gates/borders. One of my mandates is to raise up teams from the nations of dancers. Banner bearers, intercessors to come to Israel to the same.

A little about me and banners…

The Lord called me into the ministry of banners and prophetic dance when I was a new Christian. At that time I didn't know a lot about it but I did know the leading of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God and was obedient to that. The Holy Spirit taught me and trained me in the prophetic and intercession as I followed the Holy Spirit's leading the Lord would confirm with signs and wonders so I knew I was on the right track. And it encouraged me to keep going.

I also entered into another dimension of intimacy with the Father and worship through the banners and dance. I was later released into other areas like evangelistic dance, healing, and deliverance. Later I was part of an adult dance team for a few years where we ministered at different intercession events, churches, evangelistic events and mission trips.

I also lead different children's teams where we did many outreach events and I took two children's youth dance teams to Central America for missions. From there I have lead different adult teams where we have been a part of intercession events both locally and internationally, evangelistic events and have ministered prophetically at different conferences. I am also teaching various workshops in banners/prophetic dance in Canada as well as internationally.

I'm motivated to train and equip others in the use of banners because…

God is raising up an army in these last days of radical worshippers and intercessors that will stand in the gap and release heaven to earth. Banners are a powerful weapon that have been given to the Body of Christ. I believe, as people know the scriptures regarding banners and receive the revelation of what happens in the spirit as we wield banners, that people will shift into a greater level of freedom and authority.

Who I see as my main focus for training and equipping…

I have worked with all of the above and will train and equip whoever is interested in knowing more about banners or who feels called into the ministry of banners whether that is through worship, dance, intercession or the prophetic.

Benefits from attending a banner workshop/event…

I believe people will receive a greater understanding of the scriptures regarding banners, a greater understanding of how, where, why we can use banners and they will learn how to use banners individually/corporately.

I believe that God will touch people in different ways however it is needed, whether that is through receiving healing, more freedom, intimacy with the Father, moving prophetically, etc. I also believe that every workshop is unique and needs to be sensitive and allow the Holy Spirit to move how he wants to specifically to each group.

In what kinds of ways do you anticipate training people to use banners?

I feel that it is important for people to know the biblical foundation for banners if they are using them. I also believe in activation and impartation, so during workshops I would do different exercises to activate and also pray and release impartation.

The place of banners in the Kingdom today…

Banners are becoming more commonly used in the church today, during worship and intercession. However it is still an area that really needs to be prayed into. Banners are also being used outside the four walls of the church in parks, parades, and evangelistic events and interceding in strategic places. I believe that we will see banners being used more and more as God moves through the creative arts.

Kristen Joyce with banners Kristen Joyce with banners

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How do I organise a conference or workshop?

Read Conference/Workshop information then contact Kristen Joyce via KristenJ@worshipbanners.org

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