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 - endorsed banner coach

Carlos Provenzano

Stationed: Italy

Available to train: Europe

Or via translator

I train in:

Email: CarlosP@worshipbanners.org

A little about me…

I am a funny person born in Buenos Aires, who grew up in Italy without parents. I have a full-time secular work and in my free time I enjoy going for rides on my mountain-bike exploring new landscapes and extreme itineraries and playing football with my friends.

I practiced football all my life, but since I met Alessandra I decided to start a new challenge in dance. Also see Carlos' wife Alessandra Bedin. Alessandra and Carlos are available to minister individually or together.

The most dramatic experience I remember with banners…

I have been set free in Florence with David Stanfield in November 2007. I was overwhelmed.

A little about me and banners…

I was captured by banners when I first met David Stanfield in Florence. Since then my life has totally changed. Every time I use banners it is like I were before the Throne of God, dancing for Him, regardless of what others could think about me. I am wondering why church goers and believers underestimate their value, not wanting to go deeper into the knowledge of this Godly instrument.

I discovered that there is not a method to use them, but God's presence IS the method itself. It is so easy! The main difference is the attitude and intention of the heart, while using them. What do people really look for while waving them? I don't look for anything, it is my personal relationship with God that tells me what to choose and use, when, how and with whom. I listen a lot to His voice and obey His commands, not distracted by anything around me.

I know that banners are one of the ways to worship God, and this is the best for me. I use them very spontaneously, and sometimes I don't use them at all, depending on God's will in a particular moment.

I'm motivated to train and equip others in the use of banners because…

When I was about twelve, I received a prophetic word from a Canadian pastor who said that I haven't been created to remain among the crowd of people, but to be in front of them, to be a leader. In the history, the ones who have been carrying the banners were always in front of the army. The banner has always been a point of reference, and has always had a sense of belonging. It is one of the ways that God opened to keep His promise towards me. I would like to transmit to others what I received, giving them the possibility to change their lives with something really powerful.

Who I see as my main focus for training and equipping…

Men and youth with an experience similar to mine, those who really want to worship God. Before doing a training, I'd like to check the goal that these people have in doing it, independently of who they are.

Benefits from attending a banner workshop/event…

People won't need a University Master course to worship God. They will discover it is easy and doesn't require a particular method or technique! People will be set free to worship God in new ways, without embarrass and burning the spirit of religiosity.

In what kinds of ways do you anticipate training people to use banners?

I am a very practical person, and I wish that people could use them from the very first moment. Then, when the 'ice is melt'and they are really hungry to discover what hides behind their use, I would introduce the biblical foundations. If David Stanfield had begun with the theory or Bible stories, I probably would have never used them. But he made me fall in love with banners and left in me a hunger to know deeper this subject. This is what I will do with others.

The place of banners in the Kingdom today…

Everywhere! In my opinion, there is not a specific place for banners. I use the banners wherever the Spirit leads me to do it, even in the strangest places. With the banners, one must always be ready to listen to the voice of the Spirit, and be very receptive. Not necessarily waving them in order for them to be seen.

Carlos and Alessandra with banners Carlos and Alessandra with banners

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How do I organise a conference or workshop?

Read Conference/Workshop information then contact Carlos Provenzano via CarlosP@worshipbanners.org

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