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 - endorsed banner coach

Franca Fauntleroy

Stationed: Maryland USA

Available to train: anywhere and anyone the Lord sends

Or via translator

I train in:

Phone: +1 443 739 6672

Email: FrancaF@worshipbanners.org

A little about me…

Director of ILDF & Academy www.ildf.org

Pastor of The Full of Faith and Love Outreach Ministries Worldwide (Md. USA)

Worked in the legal field for over 20 years.

Travel abroad for missions and worship.

My form of worship is liturgical dance as well as banners (flags).

The most dramatic experience I remember with banners…

Having a retreat attendee who came in very ill and with feet bandaged be given the "Breath of God" banner and as she rose to her feet she began to walk around the room and in a very short time was healed!!!

A little about me and banners…

I was told over 15 years ago that I was to or had a banner ministry. I was not sure what that meant and sought the Lord. Certainly we had banners of every type but what did it mean to be or have a banner ministry? Years later I met David Stanfield in Maryland and posed the question to him. His explanation brought both confirmation and more questions!

I knew meeting other banner ministers was imminent and divine. Thus, becoming an OOOMB Coach was destined. Banners represent so much more than we can ever imagine! I have had divine experiences with banners as well as overwhelming creative ideas!

Recently while teaching a workshop I was unctioned by the Holy Spirit to lay all of the banners on the floor side by side and have the Pastor take her shoes off and walk on them. This was my first time teaching at this ministry and I had not met the Pastor before. I watched as she walked on them like a game of "hop scotch" stepping on some very strategically. She later explained that God had spoken to her about traveling (abroad) and those banners represented what she need to do so!,

We often imagine that we can only "Fly" banners but God showed me how they also serve as a "Foundation." From flying them in the air to laying them under our feet! Awesome!!!!

I'm motivated to train and equip others in the use of banners because…

The power of the Holy Spirit that can be ushered in when using banners for healing, restoration, spiritual warfare, proclaiming the land, gathering of the worshipers, and exalting the name of the Lord on High!

Who I see as my main focus for training and equipping…

ALL who desire to be trained and equipped.

Benefits from attending a banner workshop/event…

First, a working Biblical knowledge of banners. Second, an opportunity to minister with banners. Third, healing, restoration, spiritual warfare, proclaiming the land, gathering of the worshipers, and exalting the name of the Lord on High!

In what kinds of ways do you anticipate training people to use banners?

An open session to introduce OOOMB. Teach the Biblical foundation for banners then explain the meaning of the OOOMB banners we will be using followed by actual group participation .

The place of banners in the Kingdom today…

EVERYWHERE! I believe banners are part of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God is EVERYWHERE!

Franca Fauntleroy Franca Fauntleroy
Franca Fauntleroy Franca Fauntleroy

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How do I organise a conference or workshop?

Read Conference/Workshop information then contact Franca Fauntleroy via FrancaF@worshipbanners.org

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