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 - endorsed banner coach

Allana Johnson

Stationed: Queensland, Australia

Available to train: wherever led

Or via translator

I train in:

Phone: +61 7 3283 4407

Email: AllanaJ@worshipbanners.org

A little about me…

Years ago, a Spanish friend told me that for a time when she was learning to speak English, she didn't think in Spanish or English. I understood her words, but had no personal reality to attach to them... I couldn't imagine how one could think without words.

Since then, I have lived and worked in other countries, learned to speak other languages, and in the process discovered for myself that thinking, not to mention communication, is not tied to written or spoken language. This experience has helped me to better understand that God does not limit Himself to verbal avenues of communication, but uses such things as music, movement, color, light, symbolism and incidentally, banners to speak to, and hear from His people. How surprising!... from a creator God!!

Does this tell you something about me? I work part time as a nurse, but my full time occupation and interest is people... all people, from all places... listening to them, trying to understand them and their situations, asking questions of them, and challenging all of our "thinking" by endeavoring to place our ideas and experiences in juxtaposition with the Word of God... exploring and discovering more of God’s plan for us, His dearest creation.

I'm motivated to train and equip others in the use of banners because…

Firstly, I like to share my discoveries with others, and hear of theirs. Secondly, my heart's wish is that we, the people and nations of the world would get back into communication and relationship with God. My personal belief is that the use of banners is just one of the current means God is choosing to use, to communicate to and through people in His purpose that all might know and believe in Jesus.

Who I see as my main focus for training and equipping…

There are a couple of things God is saying to me, that I expect will have a bearing on the connections He sets up in regards to my banner coaching.

Firstly, "My heart is to reach the Nations, and your worship is significant to my doing so." Secondly, "Get out from behind your walls and be a light in the darkness." Thirdly, "I have heard their cry, and if you follow Me, I will answer their cry."

My expectation is that the connections for training that God sets up would be to those men, women, teens and kids, whose hearts are hearing those same challenges... to see beyond their own lives, to explore worship, to get out from behind the "walls" of church language and culture, to trust God to provide a language that will speak to people both inside and outside of "The Kingdom".

I believe that banners can speak for and to any of God's creation... the wounded who haven't words to speak about their pain, the inarticulate who have much to say but haven't the words, those with innate rather than intellectual "knowing", the see-ers, the do-ers, the pray-ers, the prophets...

Benefits from attending a banner workshop/event…

My expectation is that those who come will go having taken one step further on the path God has for them... whether the workshop clarifies that God wants them to use banners, whether He opens their spiritual eyes and ears to more ways of communication, whether He encourages them to obey Him in whatever He says to them.

The main purpose is that each one’s relationship with God develops through spending time listening to God and each other, and obeying Him in their actions.

The place of banners in the Kingdom today…

By sharing, showing, doing... with the emphasis on listening to one another, and doing together... experimenting, imagining, hearing, doing...

Allana Johnson using banners in Congo Allana Johnson using banners in Congo Allana Johnson using banners in Congo
Allana and church ladies in Congo Prayer walk in Congo Allana explaining the use of banners

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How do I organise a conference or workshop?

Read Conference/Workshop information then contact Allana Johnson via AllanaJ@worshipbanners.org

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