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Worship & Warfare BannersWorship & Warfare Banners
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Worship & Warfare Banners
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 - endorsed banner coach

Cindy & Joseph Mathew

Stationed: Ohio, USA

Available to train: USA and India

Or via translator

I train in:

Phone: +1 419 581 6871

Emails: JosephM@worshipbanners.org


A little about us…

Cindy: I was born and raised on a small farm in rural Ohio. Nineteen nieces and nephews keep us busy! In 2005 I started the missions organization, Throne Room Ministries International. Formerly a college teacher in the areas of voice and worship, the teams we take overseas, called Shofar (Surrendered Hearts Offering Freedom And Restoration) are primarily comprised of former students. Our focus has been on India and the USA the past couple of years. Led by Holy Spirit we pray for the sick, work with orphans and lepers, train indigenous worship leaders, work with the youth in worship, redeem land, preach and teach the word, and evangelize.

Joseph: I am a worship leader and songwriter from Cochin, India. I have a brother who is a missionary and a younger sister who just finished nursing school. My parents are children of Salvation Army missionaries. I met Cindy when she came to my church to lead worship in 2004. I play guitar and love to see people set free from bondage. God met me powerfully when Cindy brought a SHOFAR team to my church and used banners in a worship conference in 2005. We were in the presence of God with those banners for over SIX hours! It was a life changing moment for me and for many others.

The most dramatic experience we remember with banners…

The most dramatic experience that we have had with banners happened in a worship conference we were leading in India. We put Jason Upton's "Remember" CD on which has "The Language of a Child" on it. About 20 people were on the floor laying on their backs with their heads side by side in a circle.

Another 20 Indians were ministering with banners. Until that day, they had never seen them or used them. We had ministered to them all using the banners then turned them over to them to use as Holy Spirit led. Without knowing the names of the banners or anything one by one they would grab a banner and go and wave it over someone, or lay it over them ministering freely.

What was amazing was we started seeing them pick up for example Jehovah Shalom, the peace banner, and the individual was praying for the peace of God over the person, not having a clue what the banner's name was. This happened repeatedly and they ministered one to another for over 6 hours! The presence of God fell in that place and it was amazing.

A little about us and banners…

I tend to see banners as such an extension of the hand of the Lord. I have experienced great healing, and deliverance with banners. I am drawn to the colors and the way to express myself non-verbally. We both are musicians and so we are primarily on stage during worship time. The moment that I was introduced to the expression of worship with banners, especially prophetically I was thrilled to be able to express myself to the Lord and to speak for Him in a different way other than singing.

It is a privilege to do warfare with the banners and that is probably how the Lord has led me to use them 60-70% of the time as missionaries.

We're motivated to train and equip others in the use of banners because…

Five years ago I walked into a conference where the men were marching around the sanctuary with these huge colorful banners and I said "Now, what is that all about?" The next night I volunteered to use them and was profoundly impacted by the anointing on banners in worship. I brought David in to train a SHOFAR team and have been using them ever since.

We are motivated to train and equip others because we have seen and we have personally experienced the POWER behind these mighty weapons of God. The body of Christ needs these weapons in their arsenal to do battle. We have seen people delivered and want to encourage others to walk in this anointing.

Who we see as our main focus for training and equipping…

We work with all ages of people in our ministry, but we especially love to train the youth. Children normally are naturals at using banners and I don't want to interfere with their pure and innate ability in using them to worship

Benefits from attending a banner workshop/event…

We believe first and foremost people will have an encounter with God! Second, they will receive what God has for them (healing, deliverance etc.) Third; they will leave equipped to take these mighty weapons of worship and warfare into the areas where God has placed them to rule and to reign. We learn best by doing, so our workshops involve alot of hands-on-training.

In what kinds of ways do you anticipate training people to use banners?

Since we are missionaries and train people in worship all over the world in worship conferences, etc., we will and do introduce churches and worship teams to this new way of worship; however, hand in hand with teaching this type of ministering unto the Lord and unto others, we will be teaching the importance and use of banners in warfare.

The place of banners in the Kingdom today…

The place of banners today is so multi-faceted. They first and foremost need to be used in personal worship in our homes, then we need to take them out to the streets and do warfare in our cities. They need taken to nursing homes and hospitals as weapons of healing and deliverance, and finally they are to bring honor to our King Jesus in our corporate worship settings. Banners used in the hands of the redeemed equals freedom, deliverance, God's manifest presence, glory, and God's kingdom in heaven brought to earth!

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