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Worship & Warfare Banners
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 - endorsed banner coach

Paul & Ann Haltenberger

Stationed: Maryland, USA

Available to train: Literally anywhere

Or via translator

I train in:

Phone: +1 410 667 9356

Mobile: +1 443 722 5100

Fax: +1 443 218 5018

Emails: PaulH@worshipbanners.org


A little about us…

Paul is an Hungarian-born businessman raised in Germany and the United States and Ann's background is in training and administration with overseas assignments in Italy and Nigeria. We both have been involved in Kingdom work for over 25 years -- teaching, counseling, pastoring, supporting and leading. We're dedicating what would be our retirement years to increased ministry, and will be living and ministering in Eastern Europe by Spring 2010.

The most dramatic experience we remember with banners…

Paul: We were celebrating with another congregation the dedication of their new church location. During the worship part of the service God spoke to me to get up, go to the back of the church, grab one of the banners we had brought, run up to the altar, vigorously wave my banner, and run back. It was powerful! Later a couple members of the worship team told me that as I wielded the banner they felt such a powerful rush of wind that they could barely stand and thought they would surely fall. The banner was The Breath Of God.

Ann: The first time I participated in one of David Stanfield's workshops I took two teenaged girls from our fellowship. During a demonstration of group ministry using banners, the 14-year-old had a sensation of something being pulled away from her spine and lifted out of her chest. She testified it was the fear of the things of the Spirit; uncertainty about demonstrations of His presence. She was made free to expressively walk with the Lord, and as a young wife and mother she continues in this liberty.

We're motivated to train and equip others in the use of banners because…

Paul: I've seen the positive impact on people who use banners to express worship of God. It's real!

Ann: Banners are my "instrument" in corporate worship when I don't have talents to contribute musically. They express a Spirit connection.

Together we are compelled to share this instrument with others, especially those who currently consider themselves as mere spectators -- observing gifted musicians, singers and dancers who perform so well. Banners level the playing field for all believers to express Spirit-led worship, and lift that field to heights not imagined.

Who we see as our main focus for training and equipping…

We are sent to all ages and description of believers to equip them with another means to express the life of the Spirit with their own spirit, soul and body. The less people think of themselves as being able to express spiritual things, the better. It's exciting to see mixed groups "catch" the truth with the expression of banners and encourage each other onward.

Benefits from attending a banner workshop/event…

Participants learn the validity of banners from scripture.

They see enthusiastic demonstrations of wielding banners that produce results. People are released to higher levels of spiritual awareness and expression.

Books, DVDs, banners and other resources are available to continue the equipping of the saints.

In what kinds of ways do you anticipate training people to use banners?

We introduce banners into a corporate service to elevate worship and participation with lasting effects. Worship teams and dancers are energized when others join in wielding banners.

  • We wield banners in procession to declare the sovereignty of God, the gospel of the Kingdom and to reclaim land for the Lord. (See photo below taken in The Netherlands at a training and retreat center.)
  • We use banners without poles while ministering healing and deliverance -- covering the suffering with powerful symbols of God's love, protection and victory.
  • We encourage Intercessors and those involved in strategic praying to let banners extend their verbal expressions, and even to wear banners as scarves or hidden under their clothing to remain in prayer "without ceasing."
  • We follow the Holy Spirit's leading to minister with banners in many creative ways, including symbolic "washing" of feet with OOOMB banners such as The River and Healing, which resulted in prophecy and physical healing.

The place of banners in the Kingdom today…

God uses the symbolism of cloth and color and movement to allow His people to see what He is doing on the earth -- He is pouring forth grace to unite the Body of Christ to experience and express what it is to live as adopted sons of the Living God. From the most athletic young dancer to an aging disciple in bed, all believers can proclaim the rule and reign of the Lord Jesus with a vibrant banner.

Paul & Ann Haltenberger using banners Paul & Ann Haltenberger using banners Paul & Ann Haltenberger using banners
Paul & Ann Haltenberger using banners

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How do I organise a conference or workshop?

Read Conference/Workshop information then contact Paul & Ann Haltenberger via PaulH@worshipbanners.org AnnH@worshipbanners.org

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